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A Forward: Sunnyvale, USA

For this week’s blog post, I am bringing to you the Forward from Adventures in Raceland as a preview for what will come in the book. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, simply click  here


For many, our town will feel like a melancholy memory of a different place and time. Maybe not better, or even as good, but surely different than where they live now.

For others, it;s a fantasy that never could have been. They won’t understand because it didn’t happen to them. The truth is, it wasn’t that long ago that Sunnyvale could have been Anysmalltown, USA. 

This is where we grew up, and it’s still very real, at least it is to us. 

Here is an anonymous local’s view of our fine town, that I found just the other day hanging on a sparking clean wall in the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce;

Sunnyvale’s the place where we choose to live, love, learn and race. Forget or forgive – Whatever it takes. The streets are all new, well lit and wise, and the people are few with something to hide. Windows don’t need bars. You won’t need a gun. There’s nothing to fear, and no reason to run. See, every day is easy, sunny and bright – racing’s our thing, we never need fight.  People know ’bout wrong but choose to do right. Our kids are respectful, innocent and good – and do all things mom says they should.  Everyone’s important and kids can be kings. And you can still talk to your dad about any ole thing.

Those were the good days my friend, that for many, too quickly they came to an end for your children the following story I penned…