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No One Likes a Poor Sport

Billy pulls over when he sees Dale, leans across the seat and says, “Hey man, need a lift?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Dale says in disbelief.

Billy says, “This baby’s a handful, how about you drive?”
“Don’t mind if I do,” says Dale, thankful for the chance to drive his favorite car.

Billy gets out of the car, hands the key to Dale and says,
“Keep it Dale. You’re such a class act that I couldn’t take her from ya. That is, if you don’t mind dropping me off at my place.”

Billy wasn’t sure, but as he got in the passenger’s side, he thought he might have seen Dangerous Dale Yardsale wipe a tear from his cheek. They are riding together down Walker Way, when in front of them they see the Speedway’s exit sign. It reads: “Sunnyvale International Speedway • A very tough place to race • An even tougher place to lose.”

“I’m back,” chortles Cody Caducous, our friendly voice over. As usual, he appears out of nowhere and almost always dressed in a new ensemble. He’s clearly a clothes horse and now he’s out of the coat and tie, opting instead for a casual look-khakis and a polo shirt. He’s got on that awful, beat up old black leather racing jacket again, even though it’s a very pleasant evening.

He’s sitting in a director’s chair on the Speedway roof above the announcer’s booth and far above the track, and facing the parking lot now, instead of the track.

“What a great way to finish the best summer of racing ever! That last race was as close as they get. The racers end up in a photo finish, and still these two rivals treat each other with respect and class. These guys are great ambassadors for the sport, and great recruiters for Hot Rod High’s world renown racing school. They are great ex.amples of how to be gracious when you win and how to be a good sport when you lose. Sometimes it’s as hard to be a good winner as it is to be a poor loser. Though I still have absolutely no idea how I got here, where my summer went or why I’m still talking out loud to myself, it looks like I’ll be here telling you stories about this town, this school and these guys for weeks to come, so please keep me company and stay tuned. This story will make you laugh, make you cry and keep you standing by!”

“See ya in Sunnyvale!”

Game Lesson: Lose any RodKingz race and you lose your car, whether you paid $2.00 or $2 million for it.

Life Lesson: Be a good sport whether you win or lose because nobody likes a poor sport.


Welcome to Sunnyvale, USA

Sunnyvale, USA

For many, our town will feel like a melancholy memory of a different place and time. Maybe not better, or even as good, but surely different than where they live now.

For others, it’s a fantasy that never could have been. They won’t understand because it didn’t happen to them.

The truth is, it wasn’t that long ago that Sunnyvale could have been Anysmalltown, USA.

This is where we grew up, and it’s still very real, at least it is to us.

Here is an anonymous local’s view of our fine town, that I found just the other day hanging on a sparkling clean wall in the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce;


Sunnyvale’s the place

where we choose to live

love, learn and race.

Forget or forgive-

Whatever it takes.

The streets are all new,

well lit and wide,

and the people are few

with something to hide.

Windows don’t need bars.

You won’t need a gun. There’s nothing to fear,

and no reason to run.

See, every day is easy,

sunny and bright

racing’s our thing

we never need fight

People know ’bout wrong

but choose to do right.

Our kids are respectful

innocent and good

and do all the things mom says they should.

Everyone’s important

and kids can be kings

And you can still talk to your dad

about any ole thing.


Those were good days my friend, that for many, too quickly they came to an end for your children the following story I penned . . .