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Your Destiny Begins with Your Thoughts: Think Good Thoughts

Our fearless crew is now standing in front of a tall cement wall that has a very large black circle painted on it, or so it would appear.

On the wall to their right, about chest high is a small black pipe sticking out of the wall about two inches.

They can see what looks like an ordinary doorbell just to the right of the pipe, and there’s an odd little green note that says simply, ‘ring me.’

Keegan reaches over and rings the bell, and instantly a deep, ominous voice whispers,

“If you’re that rare Racer with courage to spare,
Just push your little car in the pipe over there.
If my circle slides open, step on in if you dare-
You’ll be off on a journey that takes you nowhere.
There’s an eerie pause and then the voice continues,
“Hang on for your lives though you’re in for a scare!”

“Wow, I know that was really scary,” Kyle says trying to sound brave, “but don’t let that voice scare you. Billy said that Raceland just uses voices like that to scare away the wimps because they don’t want any crybabies to get onto the track.”

Keegan says, “That would have been really scary if we didn’t know it was coming, but it happened ex.actly like Billy B. said it would, so we’re doing fine.”

“Billy said that nex.t, we’re supposed to open the flap at the end of the pipe and we’ll see something that looks like hair growing in there. Try it Pocket.”

Pocket pushed the flap down and it looked hairy in there alright. Worse, they could all hear the suction that was coming from the pipe.

He says, “It is very strange, but it does look hairy in there. Now what do we do?”

Keegan replies authoritatively, “We’ve got to push a micro-rod car into the pipe. It will get sucked in immediately and completely disappear.

Then the cap closes itself and the sucking sound stops. Who’s got their micro-rod with them?”

“Backwards” Kyle gently corrects his brother, “we have to push a micro-rod backwards into the pipe. I’m not sure why, but that’s what Billy said.”

Bobby takes a key chain canister off his belt loop, unscrews the top and pulls out a tiny royal blue micro-rod.

He says, “I’ve got Indie Idol right here and I’ll put it in. Just give me a sec . . . Whoa!”

Ex.citedly Pockets yelps, “Wow! Did anybody else see that? The Idol was sucked up and gone in no time flat. In fact, that hairy sucker thing ate your micro-freakin-rod in zero point minus zero seconds, dude!”

The whole group is standing at the back of the Drop Chute and clearly uncomfortable with all this stuff that’s happening around them.

Suddenly, the black painted circle that was right in front of them starts morphing into a huge metal plate that’s 10’ feet tall with big bolts and bigger nuts! Now, it’s a thick steel plate like a huge manhole cover. Everyone is pressing back against the wall as hard as possible and staring at this monster vault-like steel circle, when it suddenly splits in half with a deafening roar and each half slowly grinds aside, revealing a wide opening to another dark tunnel.

Now, they know why everyone calls this thing the Grate•way. It’s huge and it looks just like Billy B. said it would . . . spooky.

They are all just catching their breath and getting acclimated when, out of nowhere, again they hear an ominous, crackly whisper . . .

“Step inside human, there’s nothing to fear. Step inside I said, can you not hear?
Your journey’s ahead, my message is clear
Your past is behind you, and your destiny near.”

What will the crew do next?


Welcome to Sunnyvale, USA

Sunnyvale, USA

For many, our town will feel like a melancholy memory of a different place and time. Maybe not better, or even as good, but surely different than where they live now.

For others, it’s a fantasy that never could have been. They won’t understand because it didn’t happen to them.

The truth is, it wasn’t that long ago that Sunnyvale could have been Anysmalltown, USA.

This is where we grew up, and it’s still very real, at least it is to us.

Here is an anonymous local’s view of our fine town, that I found just the other day hanging on a sparkling clean wall in the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce;


Sunnyvale’s the place

where we choose to live

love, learn and race.

Forget or forgive-

Whatever it takes.

The streets are all new,

well lit and wide,

and the people are few

with something to hide.

Windows don’t need bars.

You won’t need a gun. There’s nothing to fear,

and no reason to run.

See, every day is easy,

sunny and bright

racing’s our thing

we never need fight

People know ’bout wrong

but choose to do right.

Our kids are respectful

innocent and good

and do all the things mom says they should.

Everyone’s important

and kids can be kings

And you can still talk to your dad

about any ole thing.


Those were good days my friend, that for many, too quickly they came to an end for your children the following story I penned . . .

Never Give Up, Ever!

This week I am bringing to you a sneak preview of the upcoming adventures of Keegan and Kyle McKay. 

Keegan McKay’s on the hill again today, pitching for the Hot Rod High Speed Demons. He’s had an awesome season and most people say he’s the reason HRH will be going to State this year for the the first time ever. images (1)

But, he’s not the only reason! Not with Kyle McKay stealing bases like crazy and robbing opponents of hit after hit from his shortstop position. And, there’s Deuce Wheeler catching everything hit to center field with one miracle catch after the other.

But there also been two surprise heroes this year. First, there’s Wendy Wheeler breaking the sex barrier and playing great defense at second base. She’s the first girl to ever play baseball in this league and she’s having a great season.

Next, is HRH’s amazing new catcher. They say this guy never played a minute of organized sports before, but he runs the defense from behind the plate like he’s been doing it all his life. Plus, he’s got the best average on the team and leads the league with 23 home runs. There’s no doubt that Keegan McKay never would have thrown that no hitter without Chili Peppers behind the plate.

…. So what do you think? Are you ready to read more about the boys and their next big adventures? 

Life Lessons: Win or Lose

Life lesson: Be a good sport whether you win or lose because nobody likes a poor sport.

Going back to my first post about why I created RodKingz, the life lessons included in the book are my direct way of creating wholesome entertainment. Why shouldn’t the fun things in life such as RodKingz instill good values and include positive messages?

Kindness and Sportsmanship

Kindness and Sportsmanship

This life lesson can be applied to a flag football game or even a professional situation. Whether you come out on top or somehow drop the ball, show class either way. It all starts with attitude. If you positively convey the right attitude you can earn respect from others. You can’t learn to respect others until you learn to respect yourself. Start with self-respect, maintain a positive attitude, and uphold these values to everyday situations. You will go far in life with this mindset.

Here are some good sportsmanship examples I would like to share. Read these and think about what self-less acts of kindness you could do. 10 Acts of Good Sportsmanship. These are types of values I also instill in my boys and their team. Though they are winners they proudly hold their titles with class.

Photo Finish – A Preview

Are you wanting a preview in Raceland? Are you wondering what the McKay brothers have been up to? Well… you’re in luck! For today’s  post I have opted to share with you a preview of Chapter 1 from Adventures in Raceland. Are you excited  yet?  Well… you should be! Don’t forget to buckle up, folks.

Cody Caducous is new at this job and he didn’t have any time to dress up for it, so he’s still wearing his racing gear and a beat up old black leather racing jacket. He’s sitting in a big leather executive chair behind a huge oak desk watching some races from high above a track, when his memory finally starts coming back. Although he knows he’s alone in the room, he speaks out loud.

“Nice office…The chairs along has to cost a fortune. They’re made from the softest leather I think I’ve ever touched.  And wow! This place is huge and really cool. I’m pretty sure I’d get comfortable here in a hurry, but what the heck am I doing in here?” 

He stands and walks around the big oak desk and reads the name placard on the front of the desk – “Kevin James McKay” 

“Oh yeah, that’s it! I’ve heard about the McKays. Yeah, now it’s coming back to me.” 

He rubs his temples and closes his eyes. It hurts, but he keeps talking.

“There were two brothers named McKay that would both be attending Hot Rod High this year and they had everyone talking. The girls were excited because they thought both the brothers were handsome and nice. The guys at HRH were excited also because these guys were supposed to be great football players too.”

“That’s right. Their dad was supposed to be a college football legend named KJ McKay and now he is the big boss at RodKingz Entertainment. It’s gotta be the same guy, so I must be standing in KJ McKay’s new office at the Sunnyvale Speedway.” 

He picks up today’s racing program off the desk.

“So it’s Labor Day and I’m watching the RodKingz World Championships at the Sunnyvale Speedway right now? Wait! This can’t be right. Just a minute ago, I was charging toward the finish line in Hot Rod High’s annual ‘Graduation Championship’ race. That was in May on Memorial Day. How could I miss a whole summer? this is getting freaky and I’m starting to get scared. I don’t even know why I’m talking out loud, but I can’t stop so I hope someone’s listening.  If you can hear me or you’re reading our story, don’t be afraid. I mean, I think you’ll be find. It’s just me that seems out of place. I’m not sure why I’m here, but hey, I’m still in Sunnyvale and I’m at the Speedway – my very favorite place to be. It’s just that there’s this very strong power that seems to have control over my, and I’m lost and getting tired; too tired to fight it anymore.” 

What do you think will happen next? How would you like to see this story unfold? 

Welcome to Raceland

When I am asked why I decided to write “Adventures in Raceland” the answer is always the same. To give kids an alternative to all the violence, sex and drugs they are exposed to in today’s culture of “play.”  For me it’s about: Wholesome Entertainment. 

You see, I am a proud father of two. I am also a flag football coach who took my team, to the Flag Football Superbowl (we won: 25 – 6!) and I am very well educated and experienced with kid’s licenses. To explain that a little further, I worked with Playmate Toys on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  I worked for  Disney on Lion King, Nintendo & Hasbro on Pokemon and lastly, Warner Brothers on Harry Potter – I have seen it all in terms of children’s entertainment.

Video-GamesIt all started when my boys were 6 and 7 years old. They were exposed to a horrible video game called Grand Theft Auto (If you’re not aware of how explicit this game is, I suggest you do additional research.) Anyways,  I walked in on my boys laughing and moving a joystick that made a black man’s butt back and forth as he was raped a white girl. That was it. 

That is when I realized that something needed to be done: Kids can have fun without stacking up dead bodies on video games.

Adventures in Raceland is a part of a world called Rodkingz that I created to give kids a safe, fun and exciting place to play. There is no sex, violence or drugs – and kids can win real prizes. Rodkingz is family friendly and it promotes interaction among the players. Adventures in Raceland is a storya bout kids growing up in Hot Rod High and chasing their dreams on the tracks on Raceland. It’s a feel good story of child empowerment. Adventures in Raceland cover three main topics that I personally feel kids and even parents have lost sight of:

  1. Kids don’t talk anymore – Rodkingz (particularly Adventures in Raceland) promotes social interaction
  2. Our story is Family Friendly, but it is still exciting – without the killing/violence and drug exposure
  3. In Adventures in Raceland, the good guys win!

Adventures in Raceland is an answer to the ever-so-present world of violent

Book's Front Cover

Book’s Front Cover

video games, TV shows, movies, etc. that have completely taken over our children’s definition of play. All too often, parents are not away of what lessons these video games are teaching the young minds of our culture, and it’s time for someone to step up to the plate with a different option of “fun.” Personally, the number one priority should be “Family First.” If a game, a TV show, or anything for that matter cannot be enjoyed by the entire family, chances are it is not appropriate. I am also hoping to teach children that to have a friend – first you need to be one.  And finally, it’s important to remember to play hard – you never know when life will slam on the breaks. 

If you have any questions about Adventures in Raceland, Rodkingz, or if you just want to learn more about the book/my work as an author, feel free to check out the CONTACT form – I am happy to answer any/all questions!