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Learn more about RodKingz: Family fun for everyone!

RodKingz was created by AJ Loft in 2008. AJ is a Seattle University grad who has specialized in marketing kids licensed properties like Pokemon, Lion King and Harry Potter for many years. He currently lives with his wife and two boys in Canyon Lake, California.

AJ - Keegan -KyleAJ designed RodKingz with the intention of providing kids, like his two adolescent boys, a gaming alternative to current bestsellers like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. He didn’t want his boys getting exposed to all the sex, drugs and violence common in these and many of the more popular games available today.

His vision was for a family values based gaming experience that was fun and more compelling and rewarding than anything else in the market. Oh, and one more thing- kids had to be able to play it anytime, anywhere. So, after he designed the board games, trading card games and dice games, AJ brought in his friend, Jim Tate, to design the digital parts of his vision.

Mr. Tate located in Colorado shares AJ’s vision for an innovative, family friendly game concept and has the expertise and experience to build all the digital gaming components. Jim is probably the best ‘digital designer’ and overall internet marketing guru in the country.

Our creative team has grown and will keep growing as we strive to bring kids the coolest and most fun gaming experience in the world. We’re committed to keeping RodKingz challenging, compelling and socially responsible, but RodKingz isn’t really about us. RodKingz is all about kids having fun.

Life is a game…play hard!


Never Give Up, Ever!

This week I am bringing to you a sneak preview of the upcoming adventures of Keegan and Kyle McKay. 

Keegan McKay’s on the hill again today, pitching for the Hot Rod High Speed Demons. He’s had an awesome season and most people say he’s the reason HRH will be going to State this year for the the first time ever. images (1)

But, he’s not the only reason! Not with Kyle McKay stealing bases like crazy and robbing opponents of hit after hit from his shortstop position. And, there’s Deuce Wheeler catching everything hit to center field with one miracle catch after the other.

But there also been two surprise heroes this year. First, there’s Wendy Wheeler breaking the sex barrier and playing great defense at second base. She’s the first girl to ever play baseball in this league and she’s having a great season.

Next, is HRH’s amazing new catcher. They say this guy never played a minute of organized sports before, but he runs the defense from behind the plate like he’s been doing it all his life. Plus, he’s got the best average on the team and leads the league with 23 home runs. There’s no doubt that Keegan McKay never would have thrown that no hitter without Chili Peppers behind the plate.

…. So what do you think? Are you ready to read more about the boys and their next big adventures? 

Life Lessons: Win or Lose

Life lesson: Be a good sport whether you win or lose because nobody likes a poor sport.

Going back to my first post about why I created RodKingz, the life lessons included in the book are my direct way of creating wholesome entertainment. Why shouldn’t the fun things in life such as RodKingz instill good values and include positive messages?

Kindness and Sportsmanship

Kindness and Sportsmanship

This life lesson can be applied to a flag football game or even a professional situation. Whether you come out on top or somehow drop the ball, show class either way. It all starts with attitude. If you positively convey the right attitude you can earn respect from others. You can’t learn to respect others until you learn to respect yourself. Start with self-respect, maintain a positive attitude, and uphold these values to everyday situations. You will go far in life with this mindset.

Here are some good sportsmanship examples I would like to share. Read these and think about what self-less acts of kindness you could do. 10 Acts of Good Sportsmanship. These are types of values I also instill in my boys and their team. Though they are winners they proudly hold their titles with class.