Welcome to Raceland!

ImageOne of things Keegan and Kyle McKay like best about their town is that it’s home to the world famous Sunnyvale International Speedway where the world’s best race car drivers come to race the coolest cars ever made!

In fact right now, two blazing fast race cars are coming around the last turn and heading straight at the McKay boys at over 200 MPH! These racers are locked in an epic seesaw battle for the worldwide championship. They’re both running flat out and screaming toward the finish line. It’s going to go right down to the wire!

The McKay boys really love cars, especially race cars, and they dream of racing someday. Then… one day, while the boys are messing around in the hallway of Hot Rod High, Keegan bumped into a wall in just the right place, and the door they didn’t even know was there swung open slowly. Then… everything changed…

Welcome to Raceland! 


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