About AJ Loft

603497_4389705471554_615332720_nAJ is a Seattle University grad who has specialized in marketing kids licensed properties like Pokemon, Lion King and Harry Potter for many years. He currently lives with his wife and two boys in Canyon Lake, California. He is currently the CEO of his family-friendly gaming experience, RodKingz

AJ designed RodKingz with the intention of providing kids, like his two adolescent boys, a gaming alternative to current bestsellers like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. He didn’t want his boys getting exposed to all the sex, drugs and violence common in these and many of the more popular games available today.

His vision was for a family values based gaming experience that was fun and more compelling and rewarding than anything else in the market. Oh, and one more thing- kids had to be able to play it anytime, anywhere. So, after he designed the board games, trading card games and dice games, AJ brought in his friend, Jim Tate, to design the digital parts of his vision.

As an author and a father, AJ is committed to keeping RodKingz challenging, compelling and socially responsible, but RodKingz isn’t really about us. RodKingz is all about kids having fun.


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