Your Destiny Begins with Your Thoughts: Think Good Thoughts

Our fearless crew is now standing in front of a tall cement wall that has a very large black circle painted on it, or so it would appear.

On the wall to their right, about chest high is a small black pipe sticking out of the wall about two inches.

They can see what looks like an ordinary doorbell just to the right of the pipe, and there’s an odd little green note that says simply, ‘ring me.’

Keegan reaches over and rings the bell, and instantly a deep, ominous voice whispers,

“If you’re that rare Racer with courage to spare,
Just push your little car in the pipe over there.
If my circle slides open, step on in if you dare-
You’ll be off on a journey that takes you nowhere.
There’s an eerie pause and then the voice continues,
“Hang on for your lives though you’re in for a scare!”

“Wow, I know that was really scary,” Kyle says trying to sound brave, “but don’t let that voice scare you. Billy said that Raceland just uses voices like that to scare away the wimps because they don’t want any crybabies to get onto the track.”

Keegan says, “That would have been really scary if we didn’t know it was coming, but it happened ex.actly like Billy B. said it would, so we’re doing fine.”

“Billy said that nex.t, we’re supposed to open the flap at the end of the pipe and we’ll see something that looks like hair growing in there. Try it Pocket.”

Pocket pushed the flap down and it looked hairy in there alright. Worse, they could all hear the suction that was coming from the pipe.

He says, “It is very strange, but it does look hairy in there. Now what do we do?”

Keegan replies authoritatively, “We’ve got to push a micro-rod car into the pipe. It will get sucked in immediately and completely disappear.

Then the cap closes itself and the sucking sound stops. Who’s got their micro-rod with them?”

“Backwards” Kyle gently corrects his brother, “we have to push a micro-rod backwards into the pipe. I’m not sure why, but that’s what Billy said.”

Bobby takes a key chain canister off his belt loop, unscrews the top and pulls out a tiny royal blue micro-rod.

He says, “I’ve got Indie Idol right here and I’ll put it in. Just give me a sec . . . Whoa!”

Ex.citedly Pockets yelps, “Wow! Did anybody else see that? The Idol was sucked up and gone in no time flat. In fact, that hairy sucker thing ate your micro-freakin-rod in zero point minus zero seconds, dude!”

The whole group is standing at the back of the Drop Chute and clearly uncomfortable with all this stuff that’s happening around them.

Suddenly, the black painted circle that was right in front of them starts morphing into a huge metal plate that’s 10’ feet tall with big bolts and bigger nuts! Now, it’s a thick steel plate like a huge manhole cover. Everyone is pressing back against the wall as hard as possible and staring at this monster vault-like steel circle, when it suddenly splits in half with a deafening roar and each half slowly grinds aside, revealing a wide opening to another dark tunnel.

Now, they know why everyone calls this thing the Grate•way. It’s huge and it looks just like Billy B. said it would . . . spooky.

They are all just catching their breath and getting acclimated when, out of nowhere, again they hear an ominous, crackly whisper . . .

“Step inside human, there’s nothing to fear. Step inside I said, can you not hear?
Your journey’s ahead, my message is clear
Your past is behind you, and your destiny near.”

What will the crew do next?


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